Mandatory Crime Reduction for Properties

As a way to curb crime in neighborhoods, many cities throughout the state of Texas have adopted ordinances imposing mandatory crime  reduction participation programs  for multi-family properties.  Such mandatory participation (with the threat of criminal or civil action against owners) is determined by a property’s “crime index.”  The crime index is based upon criminal statistics at and around the property (the neighborhood) and takes into account the property’s occupancy rates.  Typically, the process of designation begins with a notification to management or ownership of such designation of property into the city’s mandatory program.  An owner has the right to contest the city’s designation, but only within a particular timeframe.  After designation, the owner’s property is typically subjected to all types code inspections, including general code and fire compliance.   Of course, owners are required to “beef up” all background and credit searches on existing and prospective tenants.  Some cities will also tag the properties with criminal citations.  The attached article addresses issues that owners and management should be aware of when dealing with such mandatory designations. Click here

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