Residential Tenancies

Landlord – Tenant disputes and litigation involving residential property.

Evictions Land Use Premises Liability Collections Discrimination

Our clients range from the owners of individual property to management companies with a nationwide presence. We have extensive experience handling almost all types of matters relating to the ownership and operation of properties leased for residential use and are a “one-stop” source for handling such related disputes. Matters handled by the firm include evictions, eviction appeals, housing (discrimination) complaints, deposit suits, unlawful tow suits, as well as vendor claims and suits. We also handle tenant collection cases throughout the North Texas area. In addition, we routinely defend premises liability claims involving slip and fall claims, defects with property as well as claims due to inadequate security. Such claims are often handled through liability insurance coverage or through Self Insured Retention Policies. To such end, we work with the owners, managers, third-party administrators and/or the insurance carriers to resolve or defend claims.

Our representation of residential owners and managers of property include the handling of land use disputes with governmental entities. We have extensive experience defending administrative and criminal code citations as well as defending nuisance abatement suits filed by municipalities. Such cases include the prosecution of cases through administrative proceedings or suits filed under Chapters 54 and 125 of the Texas Local Government Code and the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, which address the designation of properties as non-compliant with minimum housing standards or properties characterized as nuisances due to criminal activity. Our representation has also included the prosecution of suits against municipal entities to construe land use regulations and ordinances as well as to prevent governmental entities from unreasonably interfering with the use and enjoyment of property. We provide clients with code consulting compliance in connection with property standards and can assist our clients with prospective purchases of property in order to avoid liability issues. We have defended and prosecuted claims and suits regarding the sale of apartment complexes and claims of misrepresentation and fraud.